Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment Tool

Are you commissioning, delivering or developing a policy, strategy, service or initiative?

How can your work best improve mental wellbeing?

Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment is a process usually undertaken at the beginning of a policy or programme. It assesses what the potential positive or negative impacts of the policy are likely to be and recommends what action or changes to the intended policy are needed in order to avoid or mitigate harmful effects and to maximise the positive benefits.

Step 1

 Use the Checklist as a quick framework.

Step 2

Appraise the potential positive and negative impacts that your policy, strategy, service or initiative is having on mental wellbeing and make changes to improve it

➡ Do an first assessment using the Mental Wellbeing Screening exercise – section 3 in the Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment Toolkit.

Step 3 if needed

Did the screening tell you undertake a further appraisal to use evidence from literature and wider stakeholders?

Use section 4 in the Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment Toolkit