Local area wellbeing tools

Understand the impact your decisions have on people’s lives

What is wellbeing like in my area? 

Compare in UK with ONS or globally with OECDDCLG Wellbeing mapper

Public Health England

Find indicators, area data profiles and comparisons for benchmarking, commissioning and planning services from the Mental Health, Dementia and Neurology IntelligencePHE Indicators tool Network

Fingertip data tools for local areas at Clinical Commissioning Group level in England


Local Government AssociationLGA Maps

Maps  and summaries of local health and wellbeing measures, priorities and case studies.


Happy City IndexHappy City City picture of wellbeing

The first city-wide, comprehensive, live measure of happiness and wellbeing. Includes the drivers of wellbeing with the conditions for people to thrive, along with live data.
See Bristol, UK pilot.

Can also be used in communities, organisations and individually.

CeCentre for Cities Data Toolntre for Cities Data Tool

Interactive data tool for cities on a wide range of indicators including business & innovation, demographics, housing, industrial structure, jobs & employment, size, skills & earnings, travel & environment and welfare.

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