Case Studies

Be bold in your pioneering

At a smaller scale is where innovative and experimental pilots, projects, tests and tweaks can be done quickly to give more data and a more refined understanding.   Iterate, test, join up.  Does what we do make a difference? What parts matter more? What high quality feedback are we getting?

Be deliberate in your learning

Part of the job of a What Works Centre is to promote the sharing and generation of the evidence base.

Here we will share short case studies of real projects, real places, real people and their evaluations.

If you want to

  • share your evaluations post a link in the comments below
  • be a case study or do a guest blog post email the development team

Case studies

We’ve collected examples and evaluations from real projects, real places and real people in the following  groups which relate to our existing evidence themes:

Cross Cutting Wellbeing

Work and Learning


Culture and Sport

We are interested in wellbeing initiatives in all types of organisations, large and small, public, private or voluntary sector. We would also really like to hear about the impacts of your work on wellbeing and how you have measured them.

We are looking for short summaries of 500-600 words explaining your work and its impacts on wellbeing. Pictures, videos and other media very welcome. You could include:

  • About your organisation and why you’re focusing on wellbeing
  • What is your work/ the project or initiative about?
  • Who does it focus on?
  • How does it work?
  • What impact has it had?
  • How have you measured the impact (or how do you intend to)?
  • What (if any) lessons would you like to share about how to implement this type of project?
  • What are your next steps?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • Where can we find out more (contact details; links to full reports; link to your website, etc)

email your pioneering case study the development team

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