Public Dialogues summary findings

We have spoken with over 4,000 people and organisations, including many of you, to develop our plans and the areas for our evidence reviews and analysis.

This included six public dialogues across the UK – in Cardiff, South Tyneside, London, Belfast, Bristol and Falkirk –  in each of our initial evidence themes of Community, Work & Learning and Culture & Sport.  Public dialogues bring together members of the public and policy makers to discuss wellbeing and understand what matters to people.PDsummarycover

Here are our public dialogue findings, alongside feedback from people working on wellbeing and our delivery plan until June 2018.

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Key to wellbeing are:

  • feeling safe, financially comfortable, good physical and mental health, good food, job, housing, natural environment and transport
  • feeling loved, respected and appreciated, belonging, positive connections,                   time alone, appreciation of difference and feeling part of something bigger
  • feeling fulfilled, achievement, inspiration, recognition, fun, learning,                    opportunity, control, agency and choice

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→Delivery plan

Community Voice of the user report

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