Other areas we’re interested in

Wellbeing is a big topic and we have had to prioritise.  We have deliberately chosen not to work where others are already doing great work and also where there’s not a lot of evidence to review yet.

Tell us if you know of  work on wellbeing so we can add it in to what’s known and others can use it   info@whatworkswellbeing.org

  • Do you have or know of research in these areas? especially systematic reviews and secondary data analysis.
  • Do you want to see evidence brought together?
  • Can you fill evidence gaps?

We’re also interested in wellbeing and…

  • relationships
  • children and young people
  • a good later life
  • commuting
  • nature, environment and sustainability
  • social and emotional learning inc mindfulness, resilience & character
  • museums
  • health, pain and health inequalities
  • volunteering
  • devolution
  • faith
  • migration, communities and community resilience
  • development of a WELBY
  • prevention and behavioural approaches
  • spending decisions and joining up departments
  • feeling safe
  • social prescribing
  • mental health
  • inter-generational wellbeing & approaches and wellbeing in families
  • technology and computing
  • access to good food and transport
  • what kind of business supports wellbeing  inc a ‘wellbeing’ label

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