Culture & Sport

Our latest publication on culture and sport is on Music, Singing and Wellbeing

➡ Music and Singing

  • Two short briefings on music and singing interventions for Healthy Adults and for Adults with Diagnosed Conditions
  • Three systematic evidence reviews
  1. Interventions with healthy adults
  2. Interventions for adults with diagnosed conditions such as cancer
  3. Interventions for adults with dementia
  • A review of non-academic evidence (grey literature), a review of qualitative studies to understand how these interventions work and secondary data analysis.
  • Case studies
  1. A Choir in Every Care Home
  2. Plymouth Music Zone

Coming Up

The team is now working on Sport, Dance and Physical activity due for publication early summer 2017.

Future work includes

  • Visual arts and mental health
  • Leisure and the family

Meet the team



5 thoughts on “Culture & Sport

  1. Hi, I’ve been working with Finbarr’s Sports and Social as they move into a well-being space including hosting Irish in Britain’s Cuimhne Cup. Happy to share our journey!

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  2. Hello I am a Project Coordinator for the ‘Challenge through Sport Initiative’ (CSI) which is an ambitious, innovative partnership project to encourage more active and healthier lifestyles for people in drug and alcohol recovery by getting involved in regular sport and physical activity. The Support Workers are also in recovery and therefore we rely on a lot of peer support.
    Please feel free to look at our short clip which was done at our launch.

    More than happy to be contacted to discuss this further.


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