Tools to measure and value City and Community Wellbeing

Our Partners at Happy City have three pioneering measurement and policy tools have the potential to transform how we approach local living. This unique set of tools support decision makers at every level, to measure, understand and improve the wellbeing of people and place.

  1. Happy City Index

    Helping decision makers understand and assess the local determinants of sustainable and equitable wellbeing. It is a powerful progress report on the conditions for wellbeing at a local level which establishes the foundation for better decisions and use of resources for improving lives.  It is a practical and accessible tool that can help local policymakers and leaders understand how well their area is doing in comparison to the other cities and regions and prioritise key policy areas, and communicate this to citizens and partners.  find out more

  2. Happiness Pulse

     Measuring the detailed reality of personal wellbeing in communities. The Happiness Pulse gets to the heart of how people feel and function in their lives, work and communities.  It combines academic rigour, technology and community engagement in a highly interactive survey. At an individual level it engages, informs and enables each user to assess and improve their own lives, in simple, low-cost ways.  Organisations of every size and from every sector can use the pulse for mapping wellbeing strengths and needs, or as wellbeing measurement, social value and evaluation tool to demonstrate their impact on the wellbeing of their staff, customers, stakeholders and citizens. With the option to include of off-the-shelf additional modules (focused on community, university, housing*, workplace* or youth* wellbeing), it provides decision makers with a nuanced picture of the impact of their work on the lives of people, and helps to steer better action and resource use to what works and where it’s needed most. (*in development) ➡ More information

  3. WellWorth Policy Tool

    Assessing the impact and cost benefits of wellbeing interventions across key policy areasThe WellWorth tool converts wellbeing data into social & economic policy outcomes and demonstrates long-term worth and cost-effectiveness of wellbeing improvements on the wider societal system. The WellWorth Policy Toolkit has been developed by Happy City in partnership with health economists at University of Exeter Health Faculty.  WellWorth is now in an extended piloting phase to further test its efficacy and function in real life. It is being tested in real time applications in both the public and voluntary sector. ➡ Find our more

Together these Happy City tools enable and support systemic change, giving policy makers the capacity to make sense of complex relationships between local conditions and policy, helping future-proof organisations and local regions for resilient living.