Community Wellbeing

The communities wellbeing evidence programme theory of change model is based on research, public dialogues and workshops with a range of communities and organisations.

You can read the thinking behind the model in our blog, or download a simple slide set explainer.


Our latest publication is the scoping review of Housing and Wellbeing.

Coming up

We are working on

  1. More on wellbeing inequality in local authorities
  2. Housing for vulnerable groups
  3. Five Ways to Wellbeing
  4. How to boost social relations?
  5. Local participatory processes, co-production
  6. Guidance on measuring wellbeing for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector
  7. Local area adult wellbeing indicator set

Meet the team

Other community resources

Happiness Pulse tool launched
Happy City  have just launched the world’s first city-wide, comprehensive, live measure of happiness and wellbeing: Happiness Pulse. It has the dual aims of collecting rigorous wellbeing data that can be used by local organisations and policymakers to make better decisions, and engaging citizens in the measurement process – helping people better understand their wellbeing and how they can improve it. Explore the tool here.

What Works Wellbeing forum
This forum is where we can connect people with different views and perspectives: academics, organisations, decision makers and individuals in useful conversation and action. If you want to discuss wellbeing, help find evidence of what works and connect with a range of people interested in wellbeing, then please join here. 

Public Dialogue toolkit
What Works Wellbeing have produced a toolkit to help you scope and deliver a wellbeing public dialogue process. The toolkit addresses the following questions: What is a public dialogue? What does it involve? What is unique about a wellbeing dialogue? When to use public dialogues and why? How to run them and who you can get to run them for you. Find out more.

Publications of interest

Involving others

If you are aware of other wellbeing evidence producers or people for whom wellbeing evidence could be useful, please ask them to send an email to telling us which, if any, of the following they are interested to hear more about:

  1. Housing and wellbeing
  2. Five Ways to Wellbeing
  3. How to boost social relations?
  4. Local participatory processes, co-production
  5. Green space

6 thoughts on “Community Wellbeing

  1. Hi everyone, I’m working on a “think piece” on social value which includes a healthy helping of “well-being”, it would be useful to compare notes!


  2. Many thanks for this suggestion Richard. It would indeed be useful to compare notes and to consider the overlap between community wellbeing and social value. The city of Liverpool has recently launched its social value charter and the University’s Heseltine Institute is working closely with the city leads to take some research forward in this area.
    Lokking forward to hearing back from you.


  3. Hi Richard,
    Of course – just get in touch.
    Rhiannon and I attended a discussion forum in Liverpool only a couple of weeks ago where we discussed the overlapping concepts of ‘wellbeing’ and ‘social values’, given that local authorities are increasingly making commitments to both concepts, which appear to have very similar definitions. There’s definitely mileage in discussing the overlap.
    Drop us a line.


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