Strategic Council for Wellbeing in Work

The Strategic Council for Wellbeing in Work  is the body that provides a voice for business in the operation of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, to help shape the wider wellbeing research and policy agenda.

Mechanisms to bring companies, policy makers, academics and funding bodies together don’t really exist and there are inherent difficulties in applying standard research techniques to the fast-moving world of business. 

The Strategic Council brings business leaders together with academics, research funders and policy makers to:

  • Consider the wellbeing agenda from a business perspective and inform the Centre’s Board
  • Gain insight from academia into emerging workplace research and its relevance
  • Have access to pre-publication findings from Centre projects
  • Learn from the findings of other Centre evidence programme streams and councils
  • Receive briefings on developments in wellbeing public policy
  • Have access to Centre support in evaluation methods for wellbeing interventions
  • Contribute to the development of wellbeing metrics and indices relevant to business
  • Provide an opportunity to share experience and good practice with member companies
  • Offer potential for collaboration with academics, other companies and funders

The Strategic Council meets quarterly and is chaired by Dr Paul Litchfield, the BT Group Chief Medical Officer and Chair of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing.

If you would like to discuss membership of the Strategic Council then please contact Martin Short, the Workplace Sector Lead for the What Works Centre for Wellbeing at