Our Team

PatronLord Gus O'Donnell

Lord Gus O’Donnell is Patron of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing. Gus chaired the development group of founding partners setting up the Centre and the Commission on Wellbeing & Policy.


DrDr Paul Litchfield Paul Litchfield

Chief Medical Officer and Director of Wellbeing, Inclusion, Safety & Health for BT Group.

Board  Dan Corry, Emily Robinson, Andrew Hudson CB, Phil Sooben, Gregor Henderson

Advisory Panel

Core Team 

Nancy Hey

Nancy Pic from Research Use session 2

  • Sara MacLennan
Head of Evidence secondee from DEFRA

Programme Manager

  • Tricia Curmi
Head of Communications

Communications associate

  • Martin Short
Head of Implementation – workplace lead secondee from MoD

Learning associate

  • David Thomas

Team Co-ordinator

Contact  info@whatworkswellbeing.org

  • Wendy Matcham
Evidence programme comissioning at the Economic and Social Research Council
contact: whatworkswellbeingcommissioning@esrc.ac.uk

Evidence Programme

Professor Richard LayardProfessor Kevin DanielsProfessor Peter KindermanProfessor Christina Victor

2 thoughts on “Our Team

    • Hi Amanda,

      We can add you to our mailout list that we do round ups on every few months. The quickest and most regular way to keep in touch is to follow the website (there’s a sign up on the right of the page) and/or join the forum.

      Looking forward to keeping in touch,


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