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Our vision is of a future where the wellbeing of people and communities improves year on year and wellbeing inequalities are reduced.

We believe that improving wellbeing should be the ultimate objective of policy and community action.

Our mission is to develop and share robust, accessible and useful evidence that governments, businesses, communities and people can use to improve wellbeing across the UK.

Our approach is independent, evidence based, collaborative, practical, open and iterative.

What’s happening now?

→  What can I do?

About the Centre

The Prime Minister has announced that, together with the Economic and Social Research Council and Public Health Englandwhat works network logo, the government is funding a What Works centre dedicated to understanding what national and local governments, along with voluntary and business partners, can do to increase wellbeing.

The Centre has commissioned a research synthesis of what works, and secondary data analysis, initially in three areas:

  1. work and adult learning
  2. community wellbeing
  3. culture and sport

This is alongside work on wellbeing across the life course, measurement, analysis of data, definitions and identifying area for further research in relation to wellbeing.

The evidence programme is being delivered by four academic led consortia made up of 15 universities, seven civil society organisations and internationally with the OECD.

→ Delivery plan

The What Works Centre for Wellbeing is an independent collaborative organisation funded, financially and in kind, initially by over 17 partners. The establishment of the Centre was overseen by a development group chaired by former Cabinet Secretary and cross-bench peer Lord Gus O’Donnell following the Commission on Wellbeing & Policy.  The development group appointed Dr Paul Litchfield as the Chair of the Centre.  The Centre will build on the rich and growing data produced by the Office of National Statistics among others.

About What Works Centres

The What Works Centre for Wellbeing is a Community Interest Company.  Company Number: 9461422

Our London office is Edward Rudolf House, Margery Street, London WC1X 0JL. Our teams are throughout the UK.

Contact email info@whatworkswellbeing.org

The founding partners 

We are initially funded by HM Government, the ESRC and AHRC, with development funding from the Big Lottery Fund.

The team

Our Patron is Lord O’Donnell, our Chair is Dr Paul Litchfield and our Director is Nancy Hey.

We have four initial university-led consortia with Prof Lord Layard (LSE), Prof Victor (Brunel), Prof Kinderman (Liverpool) and Prof Daniels (UAE).

We work closely with all of our partner organisations, including the Economic and Social Research Council as commissioning partners and Public Health England as delivery partners. We have strategic partnerships with a wide range of other interested organisations.

Share our aims? Partner with us.


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